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Electronic & Communication Engineering

Seats available in this branch: 60 seats

At a Glance :

The main reason behind the revolution in information technology is the advancement in electronics engineering. The progression in the technology like satellite and optical fiber, advancement in analog and digital techniques are benefitted for the development of multifaceted electronics devices, circuits and systems competent of employing rapid and effective telecommunication devices. Now you can easily transfer information in real time due to the advancement in broad band technologies. Areas like automation, health care, signal processing and remote sensing are also influenced by the electronics and communication engineering.

In the course of Electronic & Communication Engineering

The course consists of detailed discussion on Semiconductors and its devices. As a part of communication, different modulation techniques are discussed i.e. Analog and Digital modulation. Some other modes of communication such as Satellite, optical and Wireless Communication are also discussed. Different microelectronics and VLSI techniques and devices, development of latest technologies and hardware are also explained. The course additionally includes different interfacing techniques with the Computer, that gives newer ideas for enhancing the communication Speed and Networking through hardware and Signal Processing.

What is Electronics and Communication Engineering?

In electronics study of semi conductor materials, devices and circuits is included, which is useful for the advancement of transistors and silicon chips. Electronics engineers are totally dedicated for the development of faster electronic devices used in computing and different communication techniques i.e. telecommunication, television, radio transmission which uses low power. In this digital era the communication is growing faster and faster and this is due to smaller and smaller electronics circuitries.

What do Electronics and Communication Engineers do?

The penetration of electronics and communication is not limited with only information technology world; other areas like medical, defense, entertainment are highly influenced by it. Electronics engineer are involved in the development of devices which uses low electric power. They also deal with fiber optics, radio, microprocessors, television and tale-communication.

Career openings

As an electronics and communication engineer you are qualified for the openings in a huge number of sectors. If you are interested in government sector than you can get job in renown government organizations like Prasar Bharti, BHEL, BSNL, MTNL, Civil Aviation, Police Wireless Department, AIR, National Physical Laboratories, and so on.
If you are looking for job in private sector than so many private sector companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, TATA Indicom are ready to welcome you.

You can also make proud to your country by joining Indian Military as an Electronics and Communication Engineer.

Why Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Electronic and communication technology is the centre part of industrial revolution and perform a very important part of modern day life. Computers, Cell phones, television, radio transmission, satellites, radars, avionic, embedded systems, robotics etc. are based on modern electronic technologies. There is always need of skilled electronics and Communication Engineer to design, develop and manage modern electronics systems. If you all these things appeals to you, then you are most welcome in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Why Choose RSIT

The Electronics and Communication Engineering --Department at RSIT has the most experienced and talented faculty who gives personal attention for the overall development of students.

We are not doing education business; our focus is to provide knowledge to our students so that they can contribute to society in a positive way. We believe in quality work not quantity, that’s why our faculty focus on each student’s growth.

We are proud to have most respected faculty members; they are the masters of their field. They know how to turn average student into an expert engineer. They provide guidance to students by communication with them on individual basis.

In engineering field only theoretical knowledge is not enough to make a skilled engineer, practical knowledge is also as important as theoretical that’s why we provide highly advance labs equipped with modern equipments so that students can use their theoretical knowledge to perform practical.

We make sure that every student of our college completes their education successfully, if in case any student has any financial problem we provide proper support so that he/she can complete their education.

We also focus to bring extraordinary from an ordinary mind by providing proper environment. We are encouraging our students to participate in national and international level seminars and conferences, and publish their research in national journals. We take 100% responsibility of our student.