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Mechanical Engineering

Seats available in this branch: 60 seats

At a Glance

Mechanical engineering is one of the widest and highly crucial engineering disciplines, incorporating the growth of all types of mechanical systems. In mechanical engineering we apply principles of physics and chemistry together to study, designing, development and lastly maintenance of different mechanical structures. Fluid mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, energy and most importantly mechanics, these are the integral part of the mechanical engineering. The application of mechanical engineering is from medical equipments to automobiles designing, complicated industrial equipment to aircraft designing, simple machinery to advanced robotics, mechanical engineering is everywhere.

What is the job of a mechanical engineer?

A good mechanical engineer should possess a strong base of engineering concept along with a creative mind. For a mechanical engineer it is very important that he or she has curiosity about how a machine works, how to apply concepts of mechanics to design and develop any system and many more.

Here are some examples of designs created by some of our brilliant students:

  • Designs of equipment used in medical field.
  • Some of most advance military weapons.
  • Components of metro train engine.
  • Designs of modern car for automotive industries.
  • Apparatus for wind turbines, jet planes, marine craft and aircraft engines.

Course Details

At RSIT we provide a mentor to each student who helps him or her throughout the study session; we also organize seminars so that student can join it and improve their knowledge as well as communication skill. Here are some examples of research areas in which our students prove their skills:

  • Nano Technology.
  • Biomechanics and Biological Physics.
  • Robotics science, designing and controlling.
  • Kinetics, dynamics, designing and controlling.
  • Thermofluid Sciences, Energy and Sustainability.
  • Materials and MEMS.

Career prospect

As mechanical engineering is the widest branch of engineering, the job opportunity for an expert mechanical engineer is limitless. In mechanical engineering one can get entry in private as well as government sector. Job of mechanical engineer includes examining, designing, developing, establishing, controlling and maintain mechanical equipment used in numerous industries.

Through mechanical engineering you can get job opportunity in various industries like automobiles, aeronautics, bio-mechanics, oil plants, steel plants, turbine manufacturing plants, irrigation and agricultural field, air conditioning machine design plants and lots more.

If we talk about government sector, a mechanical engineer can get job in various government projects as an expert or consultant. There are so many private companies that work as a consultancy are also offer job opportunity to skilled mechanical engineers.

These engineers can also hold high managerial positions in government as well as private sector organizations according to their field of expertise and educational qualifications.

Why Choose RSIT

The Mechanical Department at RSIT has the most experienced and talented faculty who gives personal attention for the overall development of students.

We are not doing education business; our focus is to provide knowledge to our students so that they can contribute to society in a positive way. We believe in quality work not quantity, that’s why our faculty focus on each student’s growth.

We are proud to have most respected faculty members; they are the masters of their field. They know how to turn average student into an expert engineer. They provide guidance to students by communication with them on individual basis.

In engineering field only theoretical knowledge is not enough to make a skilled engineer, practical knowledge is also as important as theoretical that’s why we provide highly advance labs equipped with modern equipments so that students can use their theoretical knowledge to perform practical.

We make sure that every student of our college completes their education successfully, if in case any student has any financial problem we provide proper support so that he/she can complete their education.

We also focus to bring extraordinary from an ordinary mind by providing proper environment. We are encouraging our students to participate in national and international level seminars and conferences, and publish their research in national journals. We take 100% responsibility of our student.