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Civil Engineering

Seats available in this branch: 60 seats

At a Glance :

Civil Engineering is regarded as a highly adaptable branch in between all the engineering branches. It is the area with a lot of variety from environmental to hydraulics, transportation to hydrology, geotechnical sciences to structural engineering. It will be providing technically skilled manpower required by industry area, organizations of research and development & institutions related to academics.
RSIT provides B.E. course in civil engineering. Our faculty member focuses to develop logical and analytical ability in our student’s mind, we are totally dedicated to make a strong base of knowledge so that our student can use it to perform practical. To develop team spirit and organizational skills we encourage our students to participate in co- curriculum l and extra curriculum activities.

What is the job of civil engineering?

The job of a civil engineer is to make a proper plan of work, to design a safe and strong structure and lastly supervise the construction of it. To become a successful civil engineer you have to be good in mathematics as well as in science. As you need to supervise the construction, managerial skills can add plus one in your civil engineer patch.

Career opening

Civil engineering is an evergreen field, one can easily get job as a civil engineer in government as well as in privates sector. As the infrastructure is continuous growing part of a country, there are always openings for skilled civil engineers in central and state government. Civil engineers are employed in large construction projects run by government say for example dam construction project, highway construction project, flyovers construction projects and many more.

One can also serve the country as a civil engineer by joining the armed force vacancies for the post of civil engineer. Private sectors are also ready to recruit expert civil engineers so if someone is interested on private sector job can go after it and if in case you wanted to set up your own consultancy than you can also go ahead.

Major Recruiters for Civil Engineers

  • D.R.D.O.
  • ECC Construction Group
  • Gamon India Limited
  • Rites
  • Jindal
  • DLF
  • Engineers India Limited
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • L & T Limited
  • ACC
  • Indian Army
  • Everest
  • GAAR

Why Choose RSIT

The Civil Engineering Department at RSIT has the most experienced and talented faculty who gives personal attention for the overall development of students. We are not doing education business; our focus is to provide knowledge to our students so that they can contribute to society in a positive way. We believe in quality work not quantity, that’s why our faculty focus on each student’s growth.

We are proud to have most respected faculty members; they are the masters of their field. They know how to turn average student into an expert engineer. They provide guidance to students by communication with them on individual basis.

In engineering field only theoretical knowledge is not enough to make a skilled engineer, practical knowledge is also as important as theoretical that’s why we provide highly advance labs equipped with modern equipments so that students can use their theoretical knowledge to perform practical.

We make sure that every student of our college completes their education successfully, if in case any student has any financial problem we provide proper support so that he/she can complete their education.

We also focus to bring extraordinary from an ordinary mind by providing proper environment. We are encouraging our students to participate in national and international level seminars and conferences, and publish their research in national journals. We take 100% responsibility of our student.